We had an outstanding experience with Ric DeMarco building our home at Widgi Creek! We were not in the market to buy a house when, on a whim, I walked through this home with my friend who lived in the neighborhood. The home was under construction, in the framing stage. I fell in love with the home instantly.

This experience was very surprising because my husband, Howie, and I had been in the market to purchase a lot a couple of years earlier and we had walked this lot. I remember saying to him, "Who in their right mind would ever want to build on this lot?"

Ric had the vision for what could be built and positioned the house to take in the magnificent views that face the 6th green and fairway. In the front of our home, across the street there is natural common area with the 7th tee box and fairway beyond. Every room captures the view to take in the magnificence of the forested golf course environment that surrounds us.

From the moment I walked into the house, I was enchanted with how the view was captured. I walked up the wide stairway from the first level to the main living area, and with each step, I was able to see more and more of the green and fairway as floor to ceiling windows brought the outside into the living area. I walked to where the dining room would be and saw a similar view from another angle...then to the kitchen and saw the view in the front of the house. It went on and on.

I loved the openness of the floor plan and the floor to ceiling fireplace. I loved the size of the master bedroom and the windows that went from the floor to the ceiling so we could lie in bed and see the beauty of the fairway.

I also loved the wide deck along the entire back side of the house so we can live, in beautiful weather, outside on the deck. I loved walking out the door of our kitchen in the front of the house onto a deck where we would ultimately put our grill and a table and chairs to enjoy the last of the afternoon rays of sun.

The house was perfect for us, and all the way out to the airport, I "babbled" to Howie about the house; at one point, he asked me if I wanted to buy the house...and I said yes. So we bought it without Howie ever having seen it. Two weeks later, we flew back to Bend, and he saw it for the first time. He loved it as I did.

We bought the house in October and closed on Valentine's Day. Between October and February, we visited our home every 2 to 3 weeks. Each time we visited, we saw amazing progress and there were always workers in the house. We never told Ric exactly when we were coming because we had busy lives and often didn't decide to travel to Bend until the last minute. Yet each time we arrived, there was amazing progress happening with the home.

This was a real contrast with the experience of friends of ours who were building a home at the same time in another community across town. They were frustrated because their house construction was often at a standstill because the workers didn't show up. In the summer when days were beautiful, the workers had a tendency to go fishing. In the winter, on powder days, they tended to "ride" their snow boards on the mountain. Ric's subcontractors were always there and our home was finished right on schedule. In fact, it was finished a week ahead of schedule! Our friends, who had begun their house 3 months earlier than ours, were not able to move in until August.

We moved in on February 15th and had all of our furniture delivered that day. That night, Howie and I were sitting in front of the glowing fireplace, with candles lighted, sharing a bottle of wine, and we both loved the feel of the home; it felt that this was "home".

We had such a great experience building the house together. We'd make a suggestion t add or change something and Ric would say, "I'm not sure about that. Let me think about it." A day or so later, he'd call us in San Jose and say, "I was thinking about your idea and I really like it" and he would make it happen. We shared ideas and brain stormed together so that we were able to personalize the plans, which we had no part in creating because we bought the house when it was being framed. The house was built while we lived away and it was so easy. Each time we came to Bend, Ric met us at the house and would proudly walk us through the progress that had been made since the last time we had seen it.

The greatest outcome of our experience in having Ric build out home is that Ric and Debbie DeMarco have become very dear friends of ours.

Very sincerely,

Ruth Grouell and Howie Pruitt