When we first came to Bend to select a builder for retirement home on Awbrey Butte, we were both extremely wary of the process. Having heard the horror stories from various friends, we were convinced it would be a year of mistakes, delays and cost overruns. Our concerns were especially high because we wouldn't be living in Bend during construction. Ric put our fears to rest. Ric suggested that this building process should be a fun and rewarding experience. Turns out Ric was right.

Ric is a great listener. He was very receptive about our ideas and honest in our discussions. We had a wonderful time building our home. We love our new home. As Dale summed up, "We had so much fun building this home, I wish we could sell this one and build another. And yet with what we know now, if we had it to do over again we'd just say, "Ric here's our budget. Build us a beautiful home, stay within ten percent of our budget and call us when it's finished." That's how much we trust Ric DeMarco.


Dale and Mary Jansen